Jowee’s Gumbo now at Chillax

Introducing Gumbo to Chillax Cafe & Restaurant!
Gumbo is perhaps the dish that represents both Creole cuisine and New Orleans the best. A thick stew-like soup slow cooked with sausage, shrimp and chicken. $18.50 including rice.
I have been cooking Gumbo since 2014. I discovered this fantastic meal from an expat party and thought it’s different. I’ve made it so many times with my own style and taste added that I’ve named it Jowee’s Gumbo. I put my own twist, time, and love on this recipe so people can enjoy it even more.
One day my friends asked me to sell Gumbo and it became a hit in my small town. One of the restaurants even wanted to buy my recipe, and failed at trying to create their own version. This is my own recipe and I am very proud to introduce my own version of Gumbo to New Zealand!
Right now, I can’t find any other restaurant in Christchurch that you can buy Gumbo, so this may become another signature dish at Chillax!

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