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Chillax's latest special is Beef Pares and Pares Mami!

A Filipino braised beef dish that consists of various tastes and flavors. A mixture of soy sauce, egg noodles, eggs, pork crackling, bok choy, ginger and other spices are mixed together in order to give the beef brisket a flavorful broth.

Pares Mami is served as a soup with noodles, Beef Pares is served with garlic rice. $21.00 each.

If it's popular it may become a regular on our menu (not that our menu isn't too big already!!!)


We don't just make Filipino food, we make people's days. We have a love for creating a connection within the community. As a cafe in the morning opening from 10am, we strive to provide delicious coffee and food to nourish. Enjoy our breafast menu or silogs (Filipino breakfast) all week long.

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Then for lunch and dinner we offer a casual blend of authentic Filipino food with a relaxed sit-down dining, offering a vast range of dishes for a reasonable price point.

Inspired by the markets and street food of the Philippines, Chillax brings the flavours of modern Philippines to Christchurch. While Thai and Indian restaurants are on every shopping street block, the taste of Philippines is much less common in Christchurch.

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Lunch / Mains

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2/249 Stanmore Road, Richmond, Christchurch